Lactic Acid, and How It Affects My Training?

Lactate, also known as lactic acid, is a compound that the body produces during physical activity, particularly during high-intensity or prolonged exercise. It arises from the conversion of glucose into energy by the body’s cells in the absence of sufficient oxygen, which is termed anaerobic metabolism. During exercise, the muscles work harder, and oxygen becomes […]

Empathy – Everything You Need to Know

Empathy, unlike its cousin word sympathy, is one of the noblest yet hardest qualities to exercise. However, you may make it perfect with some practice and having an understanding of yourself. It means to walk in someone else’s shoes by feeling their state and thinking from their perspective. Instead of feeling sorry for them, you […]

How to Rebuild Your Relationship with Exercise

Where there is comfort, there is no growth. It implies all aspects of your life, and fitness is an excellent application for it. Do you want the best body in your circle? You want to feel great about yourself? Or do you have a goal to get the healthiest version of yourself? Whatever the end […]